Hi! I was on the blog tour for this Middle-Grade novel last month. As a part of my stop, I didn’t review the novel, so I wanted to write a review, and post it to NetGalley.


Rating- 4.5 Goodreads and NetGalley-4 stars 


The characters of Etta Invincible were fantastic, and  I loved how they interacted with each other. One of the characters had hearing loss, which is not something you see in many books, and as someone who also has hearing loss, I loved seeing the representation in this book. The other character was moving to a new country, and I loved seeing the world through his eyes as well as Etta’s.  


The plot of this story was fantastic. I’m a fan of contemporary novels, and this had a dash of fantasy for those that prefer some fantasy in their novels.  This novel had a magical train where a majority of the story takes place,, but you could still feel that they set this in our world. This story was fun because it was different, and it took the reader on an adventure. I loved the adventure this story took you on, and how the characters grew at the end of the novel.  


The writing of this novel was fantastic. It’s difficult to go between both Fantasy and our world, and the author does it seamlessly. I loved this mixture of the different scenes set on the train because you could tell that this was a fantasy story and one that was also set in our world because of the way the characters interacted. This was a mixture of both light-hearted scenes and scenes that were heavier. The characters were having in the light-hearted scenes, and in the more heartfelt scenes, they were talking about the problem at hand, and what they were going through. 


This was a Middle-Grade Novel, so there was more of a focus on friendship. I love the friendship between the two main characters, and how they met one day. The story was played out, so the characters met at the time when they both needed each other. 

Enjoyment/ Recommend For

I really enjoyed this book! The story was very fun, and I had a great time reading this. I recommend this for anyone who enjoys a Middle-Grade novel, or a mixture of fantasy and our world in their stories. 

What didn’t work for me


While I did enjoy this novel I did have problems with the pace. I felt like there were some scenes that could have been longer, and some scenes that could have seen shorter. Overall, the pace of the book is fine. 


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