Fandom Fridays- Critical Role

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Hi! Today I am starting a new series of posts on the blog where I review or discuss other things I love. Some weeks it will be movies, other weeks it will be TV shows, sometimes it will be games, and in weeks like this, I will talk about web series. I am very new to the Critical Role fandom, but I am loving the journey on the Livestream every week. Note: The Legend of Vox Machina is a TV show on Amazon Prime, and I’m saving that for another week. This will be just about the Critical Role Livestream. 

About Critical Role

From the website-

What began in 2012 as a bunch of friends playing RPGs in each other’s living rooms has developed into a multi-platform entertainment sensation, attracting over half a million viewers every week. Now in its third campaign storyline, the show features seven popular voiceover actors diving into epic adventures, led by veteran game master Matthew Mercer.

I would describe this show as seven friends playing DND. You don’t need to know about DND to enjoy the show, you can simply enjoy the stories, characters, and have fun even without knowing much about DND. Matthew Mercer and the rest of the cast are fantastic and they all come together to tell a fantastic story. 

Why I love the show

I love this show because it’s unconventional. I love seeing the story every week, and I love watching the antics the party gets into. Critical Role uses maps and minis to show where the characters are on the battle map. Critical Role is a mix of the story with the characters, and some battles with the enemies. They keep the stories interesting and heartwarming, and the battles are fun to watch because you get to see the characters get to use their spells and attacks. 

Favorite Characters

The Legend of Vox Machina (Campaign 1)

This is the only area where I will talk about Vox Machina. I will use both the TV show and the streamed Campaign, which I’m at the beginning of watching. 

Keyleth- Keyleth is the Half-Elf Druid, and I just love her so much. She’s so sweet and so kind to the group. Both the TV show and the Livestreamed campaign discuss the dynamics of the group, and Keyleth is the role of a healer. Keyleth is one of my characters because you learn more about her as the campaign goes on.   


The gnome cleric Pike is another healer, like Keyleth. Pike has an interesting story, and I am interested in knowing more as I watch the campaign and more seasons of the TV show. Also, like Keyleth, Pike is so kind to the members of Vox Machina. 


Vex is a twin and the Half-Elf Ranger of the party. She is honest, and she takes fights head-on with her bows and arrows. Vex is another character with an interesting backstory, and I can’t wait to see how her story plays out. Her relationship with Percy, another member of Vox Machina, is also very fun and interesting. 

Bells Hells (Campaign 3)


Imogen was a character I enjoyed watching from the start of this current campaign. She is a human sorcerer and has purple hair, which is absolutely fantastic. In combat, she uses spells, as opposed to attacks, for damage, and I love seeing some new in DND. Story-wise, Imogen has some interesting plot elements to keep me entertained. I can’t wait to see where her story goes. 


Laudna was an interesting character for me because it took me a few episodes to warm up to her character. She’s a multi-class warlock and sorcerer, which is interesting because she gets to do things that Imogen can’t. The last episode delve into her backstory, and I just loved it. I can’t wait to see where her story goes in the rest of the campaign. 


Fearne is a character who appeared in a mini-campaign between C2 and C3. She is a Fawn from the Fey Wild, and she is absolute chaos. I love that she brings light-hearted vibes to the party. She is also very sweet and kind to the party. 

Links Website. Twitch channel with the community chat to chat with other critters and emotes for subs to use during streams. YouTube for watching the episodes at your own pace and catching up. Twitter for interacting with the community and updates. Twitter for the Critical Role Foundation.