In The Queue Where It Happens

 Hi! This is a post where I talk about other things that I enjoy, along with books. I have a large watch list of TV and movies, so these will be where I talk about what I’m watching, music I’m loving right now, games I enjoy playing, and the streams I enjoy watching. 

TV & Movies

TV and movies was one reason I wanted to write these posts again. I just finished Heartstopper on Netflix, and I can’t wait to get another season. Heartstopper was a show that just made me so happy. It might have helped that I was reading the comic on Webtoon while I was watching the show, but this show was just such a joy to watch. Up next, I want to finish The Mysterious Benedict Society. I am enjoying the show, but for me, the story is a kind of slow, and I want it to pick up the pace a bit. I saw Topgun Maverick a few weeks ago, and I just loved it. I wasn’t familiar with the story going on, but I had a fantastic time watching the movie. Next up on my movies to watch list is the second movie in the MCU. I’m a fan of the Marvel universe, but I want to see all the movies. I’ve watched the movies out of order, and I don’t know the stories of the new movies or TV shows.   


So I’ve really been listening to a lot of audiobooks lately, but as for music right now. I have two things I’m really loving. I was never really into Hello Dolly growing up, I’m not sure why, but it wasn’t something that I was familiar with. I love the 2017 New Cast Recording of Hello Dolly. I find it very fun, and a new take on the music, and the story, while still keeping most of the musical intact for fans of the musical from before. As some of you might know, I love Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan, and they made a musical. I love the musical because it’s fun, and it’s a great way for fans old and new to get into the musical. The music is fantastic, and the story hits all the elements of Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightening Thief. 


I know that I’ve talked about games in these posts in the past, but I’ve really been gaming a lot lately. My current favorite game is Stardew Valley. It’s a farming sim and played in an 8bit style. I love it because it has farming vibes, but you can also get married, have a family, and make friends with other people in the town. The story is sweet because you fix up your grandfather’s farm and get it working again, and it’s very much a way you can play any way you want. I have Mario Strikers: Battle League, and that’s pretty fun to play. It’s a soccer game with characters from the Mario Franchise, and they all have different abilities they can use. Fall Guys: Free for All came out for everyone the other day, and I’ve been having a blast playing that game.  If you’re a fan of the show Wipe Out, this is a game version of that show, where you and 60 other people, or however many are in your show, play together, and you race to qualify for the next race. While I’ll always play Animal Crossing and Mario Kart, those get put on the back burner from time to time. Fortnite is a fun Battle Royal game where you try to be number one. In the afternoon sometimes, I really enjoy playing Switch Sports. I played the Wii Sports, and I loved it, but I love the added rank system in the Switch Sports. The bonus is that Switch Sports also has clothing sets and other items, as well as emotes if you use their in-game character. If you would prefer to use your Mii to play, the mii can only wear the clothes the game gives you, and not the other things you can get in the game.  


I’ve been watching streams during the day to just hang out and offer some background noise while I work. I watch a lot of streamers, but I want to highlight a few streamers here. Faun (Jess) is a content creator that plays a lot of cozy games, and I love seeing their content. Jess also has a wonderful and welcoming community. If you’re interested- and their YouTube is- 

I hope you enjoyed this post. For those that also play games, what games are you playing right now?