Roll for Love- National Novel Writing Month 2022 (Blogging Hiatus)

Hi! Every year writers across the world join together and write a 50,000-word novel in a month! This year will be my first year back fully in several years, and so I will be going on a bit of a blogging hiatus. I may still do Top Ten Tuesday some weeks, and I want to do a post every Wednesday where I walk about my writing, and how the story is coming along.

I have done National Novel Writing Month for several years but took a break when work and blogging needed more attention, so fiction writing needed to take a back seat. I’ve really missed National Novel Writing Month, so I’m coming back with an all-new story this year. Check out the info before for the title, genre, and a summary

Title: Roll for Love

Genre: New Adult Romance

Synopsis: Camille Roth is a 24-year-old music teacher and needs a date for her sister Hannah’s, wedding. Enter Jess Barrett, a long-time friend, and recent crush. After Jess rolls a Nat 20 and romances Cami’s character in their DND Champaign, the two decide to go on a real date.

The story features: found family/ a friends group, a DND game, queer love, and shenanigans. I’m very excited about this story,and it should be a very fun story for me to write. The idea for this story came to me because I wanted a story that featured DND, but I wanted a little something more than just DND. I look forward to sharing my progress updates with you all, and I hope you enjoy reading them as well.