In A Holidaze by Christina Lauren (Review)

In a Holidaze is a Romance novel by Christina Lauren that came out in October 2020. The story follows Maelyn Jones and her family as they celebrate the family with friends. 


I’m not a big romance reader, but when I read a romance, it needs to have great characters. They filled In A Holidaze with characters who you want to read about and root for. I related to Mae as a character because I could feel her struggle with her job. The supporting cast was very fun, and their banter added to the story. 


In A Holidaze follows a story that is similar to the movie Groundhog Day. Mae relives the day that she kissed Theo, and she can’t get out of it. The problem is that Mae has a crush on Andrew’s brother Theo as well, so the drama becomes the focus of the story. There is also the side story of the family who brought the cabin where they stay for the holidays and selling it, so the characters are dealing with that as well. Holiday antics and shenanigans make In A Holidaze the perfect holiday read because it has family, friendships, and romance. 


This was my first book by Christina Lauren. I found the writing great and matched the tone of the store. In A Holidaze was a novel filled with light and fun humor, told with a light and fun tone. There were scenes that were real, and heavy, and those were told with a serious tone. A combination of light and fun, mixed with heavy and serious tones makes this a fantastic read. 


There are two romances in this book. I saw Mae and Theo have more chemistry. Over the course of the story. I preferred the romance between the two of them, and they were more interesting to read about. Mae and Andrew just didn’t have the chemistry I wanted to see. In my opinion, the romance could have just had a little more over the course of the story. 

Recommend for / Enjoyment

 I recommend this book if you enjoy a romance books, or if you’ve read a Christina Lauren book in the past. I did enjoy this book, but some of the elements of the book just didn’t do it for me.