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Hi! I recently read Critical Role- Vox Machina- Kith &Kin by Marieke Nikamp. I wanted to review the book because I enjoyed it so much. 

CAWPLIE Breakdown


Star Rating- 5 stars 

Characters- 9

Atmosphere- 10



Intrigue -10




The characters in this story were two characters I knew from watching Critical Role, but I loved seeing them in a new story. Vex and Vax are both fantastic characters who come to life in this new story. The supporting cast was full of vivid characters that added an additional element to the story. While Vex was my favorite character, I also really enjoyed Vax, Aswin, and Trinket. 


A plot is something I need in a Fantasy because I’m one of those Fantasy readers who prefers a story in addition to the world-building. Critical Role: Vox Machia- Kith & Kin had a great story in addition to the world-building. Having a duel timeline for the stories also was fantastic because you got to see Vex and Vax through the years, and see their journeys. The characters and story elements were also interesting across both plots. 


I loved the writing of Critical Role: Vox Machina-Kith & Kin. The light-hearted scenes were perfect because they showed Vex & Vax having fun with their friends and exploring the world they lived in. This novel also has heavy scenes, which show that Vex and Vax are human, and they have a rich story, along with being multi-layered as human beings. World Building is something that comes into play in a Fantasy, and Critical Role: Vox Machina -Kith &Kin is the perfect mix of world-building, characters, and story which I loved. 

Recommend for and Enjoyment 

This is a fantasy novel that I have not seen talked about as much. If you love Fantasy, one that is a little off the beaten path, consider this one. I enjoyed this novel immensely. 


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