Gamer Girls: Gnat Vs Spyder by Andrea Towers

Thank you Netgalley and Andrews McMeel Publishing for the E-ARC of Gamer Girls. A few months back, I was in the mood for a new book, so I started browsing Netgalley Read now. I stumbled upon this book and being a gamer as well, I wanted to see what kind of story this was. 

Book info

Title: Gamer Girls: Gnat vs Spyder

Author: Andrea Towers

Genre: Middle-Grade Contemporary

Expected Publication: January 31st, 2023 by Andrew McMeel Publishing

Add to Goodreads:here

Star Rating: 4 stars

Cawpile breakdown Cawpile is a book rating system that lets you look at books in a more analytical way. I love it because it adds a little more to ratings and reviews than just a number. I’ll be using it for my book reviews now to look at stories more analytically and share more about why I enjoyed or didn’t enjoy a book. 










The characters were why I wanted to read this novel. I enjoyed getting to know them, and they all had unique story to tell. Each of them had their own hobby and passions, but that’s what made the book interesting to me. Together as a friend group, the characters were interesting because they were a mix of personalities. Natalie was my favorite character, but I also really enjoyed Lucy. 


Here’s the thing, I kind of guessed the big twist to the story about halfway through, but I still really enjoyed the end of the book. Gamer Girls: Gnat Vs Spyder followed two gamers who compete when they play a game called Alienlord. Alienlord is a game set in space, and it’s a two-player game where one person is the alien, and the other person is the hunter. Both characters took turns doing both roles as the book progresses. Lucy moves next door to Nat. Judging by context clues, it’s clear that Lucy is Spyder. Another plot element to Gamer Girls: Gnat Vs Spyder is the fact that Nat’s sister Dylan is moving out, and how she deals with that. There’s a friendship in this novel that plays a part in the story which was fun. 


Middle-Grade a whole is filled with writing that is both light and heavy in tone depending on the scene. Gamer Girls: Gnat Vs Spyder has a similar style of storytelling to the rest of the genre. The fun scenes are told with a light and fun tone. Heavier topics, such as keeping things from friends, and hiding your hobbies and passions, are told with passion and care. Andrea Towers is a writer that I will read more from. 


Friendship plays a role in Gamer Girls: Gnat Vs Spyder, and I loved the journey the group went on. The story started with some tension because Nat was keeping things from her friends, and you could tell that she wanted to tell her friends, she just didn’t know how they would react. Once Lucy moves and joins their group, things become a little better because Lucy is a gamer, who is confident about gaming. By the end of the novel, all four girls know about Nat and her gaming, and they all support each other by letting them all know they support them, and they all play a role in their streams. 

Enjoyment/ Recommend for 

I really enjoyed this book! It was fun and each of the characters had an interesting story. If you enjoy Middle-Grade Novels, or novels about friendships, and growing, similar to The Baby-Sitters Club, you will enjoy this novel as well. I believe that any fan of gaming and Middle-Grade Novels would enjoy this book just based on the vibes of the story.


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