Hi! Jana hosts Top Ten Tuesday @https://www.thatartsyreadergirl.com/. This meme was born out of a love of lists and bringing the book blogging community together. Each week, Jana will post a prompt, and we readers will post our list based on that topic. We also have the option of doing our own thing if we’re not feeling the topic that week. This week our topic is-Favorite Words (This isn’t so much bookish, but I thought it would be fun to share words we love! These could be words that are fun to say, sound funny, mean something great, or make you smile when you read/hear them.). I’m using these as words that will make me want to read a book. 

1- Music

If you’ve been here for a while, you know that I’m a fan of music, and I’ve been singing for a large portion of my life. I love reading about other singers and musicians because I always connect with them. I love seeing how different they are from me, and how music we’re the same because we have music in common.  

2- Theater

Theater is a huge part of my life as well, and I just love reading about fellow actors. I feel that as actors, or people who have acted in shows before, have a special connection, and I love seeing how much we all bond, even when we’re just reading about other actors. 

3- Gaming/streamer

Gaming is a new word for me to look for in books because I only recently started gaming. I’m more than just your causal gamer, because I have a number of games in my collection, and I play games for hours at night, but I’m not one of those people who considers gaming a job,  and I’m not a part of E-sports team or anything like that. I love reading about gamers because I love seeing how other people play games. Each gamer has a different play style, and I love seeing how much we all game differently. I’m not a streamer, but I love watching and reading about streamers. 

4- Books

I know this might be a lot of readers, but I love reading books about my fellow readers because I love seeing what they’re reading. Each reader in books is passionate about books, and how much they love their favorite books and authors. I love seeing the different tastes in books.  

5- Movies

For those that don’t know, I’m also a huge fan of movies, and I love reading about characters who love movies as well. Movies is a very broad word, and I love seeing the different types of movies the characters love. 

6- DND

DND is something that I love. I’m a casual player, but I love seeing what others play, and seeing how they all play DND. I’m more of a watcher, but I want to read more about characters and their DND. 

7- Royalty

I might not be the biggest Fantasy reader, but I love reading about princesses, princes, and other royalty.  I love seeing them get their happy ending and reading about what they all do. 

8- Family

I don’t have that large of a family, so I love reading about families, especially those characters that come from big families. I love seeing all the interactions and personalities interact together.   

9- Friendship

I love reading about Friendships, and found families. I have a group that I consider a found family, and I get the same the of vibes from my interactions with them as well. 

10- Queer

If you’ve been here for a while, you know that I’m a fan of queer novels. I love all the queer characters and their stories. 


9 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday- Words in summaries that will make me pick up a book

  1. It is funny to me that when I see DND I don’t think of the game, my brain automatically attributes it to Do Not Disturb. Both of my boys play it so I know a little about it from them and of course Stranger Things.


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