Rep: Lesbian MC, Black MC, Latinx characters, WLW.

Look at the content warnings before reading.

I loved this book as a fan of musicals, a former choir kid, and a theater kid. The characters were fantastic, they were raw, and they were so sweet. How to Succeed in Witchcraft was a story that had layers, and each of those layers was crafted masterfully. Writing can make or break a book for me, and this book was written masterfully. How to Succeed in Witchcraft had some scenes that were light and fun, written in a soft and warm tone. Heavier topics were handled with care using a serious tone and style. I’m not much of a romance reader, but this enemies-to-lovers story was so sweet. Shay and Ana had a romance built on a misunderstanding. and I loved their banter. between the two of them. I recommend this book to anyone who loves stories with LGBTQ+ characters, or novels with real elements with a touch of magic.


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