Hi! I was on the blog tour for Bad at Love by Gabriela Martins, and I wanted to review the book as well. 

Rating: 4.75 5 stars on Goodreads


They filled bad at Love with characters that I loved reading about. Daniel and Sasha were both fantastic, and a supporting cast of characters that made the story fun for me to read surrounded them. My favorite character was Sasha because she wanted to live out her dream as a writer and a journalist, and I related to her. Daniel was also sweet, and he was just trying to live his life and find out about himself. Both Sasha and Daniel went on journeys in this book, and I loved seeing where they ended up at the end of the novel. 


The story of Bad at Love was one about finding love and finding yourself when the world is rough for you. There was also a music element, and as a fan of music, I love seeing new stories that have a music element.  Bad at Love was also a light and fun story about teenagers in LA just trying to live their lives, and I loved it. 


The writing in this novel was fantastic. There was a mixture of fun scenes with a light-hearted tone, and this was a break from the scenes that were heavy scenes. I loved the heavier scenes as well because they made the story feel real. 


One of the characters in this novel is Demi-sexual, and I loved seeing the romance in the novel. Sasha and Daniel made a cute couple, and I loved their romance. They had their struggles, but I felt that these struggles made the story real. This was one of the rawest romances I’ve read in YA, and I just loved it. 

Enjoyment & Recommended

This book was very fun, and I enjoyed my time with it. If you enjoy a romance with characters who are fun but still have their struggles, I recommend this book for fans of YA Romance with light and heavy themes.


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