Hi! they contacted me about reading this book before they released it. I enjoyed it, so I wanted to talk a bit about the book.

General Info

Title: Darling Girl: A Novel of Peter Pan

Author: Liz Michalski

Rating- 3 stars

Genre- Retelling, Literary Fiction

Add to Goodreads: Here

What I enjoyed


One of my favorite things about this book was the characters. I love Peter Pan, so I was drawn to this story. The characters in this book were interesting, and it was a mixture of characters you know, like Jane, Wendy’s daughter, and new ones, like Holly, Jane’s daughter. Holly and her kids are the main characters, and they were the most interesting stories to follow. Holly and her kids also had the most developed personalties and backstories to follow.


I love the plot of this story. When adapting or reading a story like Peter Pan, one that is known, and one that people look for new, takes on, you need something to keep you interested. Darling Girl includes a new story with interesting elements. The plot was one of my favorite elements of this book.


I enjoyed the writing in this novel. The lightherated scenes had a light tone, and the heavy scenes were written with a serious edge. Liz Michaalski’s writing style works well to tell this story.

What didn’t work for me


Some of the pace in this story was so slow. I felt like they could have talked some things about more, and they could have talked some elements about more.


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