Hi! I got this book as an E-ARC from NetGalley Read Now. It’s been a few weeks since the time I finished reading it because I wanted some time to think about what I thought before posting the review. 

Title Sparrow

Author: Brian Kindall

Genre: Middle-Grade Fantasy

Rating: 3.5

What I enjoyed  about Sparrow 


The characters in this story were part of the reason I wanted to finish the story. I enjoyed the family relationships and how the characters interacted with each other. There were also supporting characters with interesting interactions that I wanted to read more about. Each character had a story, and this story was revealed as the novel progressed, which I loved, because, by the end of the novel, they answered all the questions I had.  


The writing in this story was also well done. This is a story that was a mixture of fantasy and a family saga, so Kindall needed to divide the writing between both of these elements in the story. Sparrow was filled with light-hearted scenes, in which the writing was lighter in tone and a break from the heavy elements in the story. Heavy scenes make the reader feel for the characters and become curious about where the story is going to go. The writing was also one of my favorite elements in the story. 

Enjoyment and recommend for

Despite not being a real hit for me, I still enjoyed reading this book. I enjoyed the characters, writing, plot elements that worked for me, and the family elements of the story. I recommend this for fans of Middle-Grade, especially Middle-Grade Fantasy.  

What didn’t work for me?


Honestly, I didn’t think this book would be just an average book based on the way the story started. I was enjoying the story and became curious as to where the story was going to go. As the story moved, I was not as interested in the story as much, but I didn’t know if the book would get better. I believe those who don’t mind the combination of Fantasy and a Contemporary story will enjoy this more than I did. 


Some of the pacing in this story was just so slow. I was expecting some slow scenes because we needed to find out about the family, and some of the other elements in the story, but I had problems with how slow the story was in places.


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