Hi! Welcome back to Top Ten Tuesday. Jana hosts this weekly meme @thatartsyreadergirl. This meme brings the book blogging community together and fosters our love of lists. Each week, Jana will post a prompt, and we readers will write a response to that prompt. We also have the option of doing our own thing if we don’t want to use the given prompt. This week, our topic is Favorite Reads of 2021. I had a lot of great reads this year, and so I did a post a few weeks ago with reads 12-21. See reads 11-20 on my blog before the move to WordPress here. Genre separates books for easy access. I had one book that was a tie, and I wanted to talk about both of them.

Middle Grade Fiction

1- Fearless (Fearless Series Book 1) by Mandy Gonzalez

If you’ve been following me from my old blog, you know how much I enjoyed this book. I loved the characters, and the story, even though I don’t really read mystery. I loved the theater elements woven into the characters and the story. I can’t wait to read the second one this year.

2- The Chance to Fly by Ali Stroker and Stacy Davidowitz

I wanted to reread this at the end of the year, however, I just never got around to it. I will work a reread into my TBR for Middle-Grade May this year. This book is a contemporary, and I just loved it. I loved the characters and the story, and I believe anyone who likes Middle-Grade will like this book. This was another book with theater elements that I just loved.

Young Adult Fiction

3- This Will Be Funny Someday by Katie Henry

I believe I brought this book on a whim because the cover compared it to The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, a TV show I really enjoy. This book covered heavy topics, and it had me feeling all the emotions. I heard little buzz about this book, so I hope more people read it now because it was excellent.

4- Fat Chance, Charlie Vega by Crystal Maldonado

I read this at around the same time as This Will Be Funny Someday. I loved both of them, and I knew that they would both be on my end of the year list. This is a YA Contemporary that I just loved.

5- Perfect on Paper by Sophie Gonzales

Perfect on Paper was talked about a lot, and it had a lot of hype surrounding it. After reading it, I can see why it was talked about so much. This book is another one that talks about some heavy topics, but what makes this one a fantastic read is the banter and the romance between Darcy and Alexander. I also loved the LGBTQ+ rep, and seeing which partner Darcy was going to pick.

6- Rule of Wolves by Leigh Bardugo

I read little Fantasy usually unless I’m reading a series. The Grisha Verse is my favorite Fantasy series, and this was an epic conclusion to the series.

7- Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas

I loved this book! I read it in June for Pride Month, and then again in November. I love the characters and the story of this one. I also really enjoyed learning about the Dead of the Day throughout the story.

8- With The Fire on High by Elizabeth Acevedo

I knew that if I was going to talk about Cemetery Boys, I needed to talk about this one as well. I flew through this book because I loved it so much. I loved the characters and the story. This book also had a sweet romance.

Adult Fiction

9- The Invisible Life of Addie La Rue by Victoria Schwab

I read this book early in the year and it was fantastic. I could see what all the hype was about, and I just loved it. I loved the mix of Historical Fiction and contemporary that was right up my alley. Also, the end of the book. If you’ve read it, you know what I’m talking about.

10- Next Year in Havana by Chanel Cleeton

I read two books by Chanel Cleeton this year and enjoyed both. The mix of Historical Fiction and contemporary was lovely. The characters and the story were also enjoyable. What I loved about this book was getting to learn about what was going on in Cuba, and what brought the Perez family to the US. I also loved the romance.

11- One Last Stop by Casey McQuiston

If Casey McQuiston has a new book out, you can almost be sure I will read it, and it will end up on an end of the year this. I loved this book so much. The characters were fantastic, and the story was heartwarming.


7 thoughts on “Top Ten (Eleven) Tuesday-Favorite Reads of 2021- 1-11

  1. I love your choices! Many of them are on my TBR so hopefully 2022 will be the year where I finally get around to reading them.


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